Adani’s Strategy Make him Rich

One of the most incredible companies in the 21st century India and their becomes such a powerful player in the market that today Adani ports and SCG alone accounts for 24% of the entire countries for capacity has a 95% marketing the private put market and most importantly in the past it use itself the profits of short form 1700 crores in 2014 to a mind boggling 5300 crores in 2022 and one line other person ICC have become so so power that the biggest competitors are the Indian government sport themselves so the question is what is so special word Adani ports in SCC then no completing the government itself what was the business strategy that turn them into the most powerful operator in the country.

The first thing that made both successful is there mode of operation you know guys most poach in India are other completely government handled or they have a public private partnership model PPP model so in the PPB model the government on the land and lasis it out to private services and then these private services operate the port just like a landlord the government takes both the rent and the royalty share from the profits of the example of India and four out of its 5 actually operated by logistic and shipping companies like the DP world PSC international and two other companies so this way private players come to construct handle certain services of the port and take home profits almost like I being the land lord I am giving you my commercial space and firstly you get paid to do the interiors to turn the scrapy place into a great office and secondly when you use this office for your business premier rent and a percentage share of your profits.

Because lazy in German just like you the tenant needs to constantly seek permission from your landlord for making every little modification in your property these private players have to deal with the government for every major edition or modification to be done a class exemplar the same is the process of dragging for those who don’t know when a ship is dog at the port 10% of the entire shift stage and the water so if it’s a joint ship it would need a lot of depth to stay a fluid without getting stark right so dredging is this process of removing sediments all tabrees on the photo of the harbours such that the death of the port can be increased to both the giant cargo ship so as you keep on increase in the death of the port it will be able to talk bigger and bigger ships

So you mean today there is a company called the MSc all the Mediterranean shipping company they are the second largest shipping line in the world and they have one of the largest and the longest container vessels in the world and you know what because Mundra Port has the deepest water deps in India Mundra is the only port in the entire country that has the capability to handle this vessel this way Mundra is ways because of which by default they have the most valuable cliently Indian port business and if you look at the numbers even today while mundla port has a depth of 16.5 metres the government largest port which is the Kandla Port it has a depth of 12.5 m only this is the first reason why Adani ports are head of the government ports in obviously just because a company and at quickly that cannot make it the most powerful player in the pool industry.

Apart from just being quick what did Adani ports do so special that it is able to know be the common ports of India well this is world laser in bricks with the second reason for the Adani ports dominance and that is something called integrated transportation system and end to end logistic system to understand me first have to understand the logistical nightmare that could be cost in the Indian markets of player Adani like does not exist

Reason why the Adani group doesn’t just have ports but they also have a free top 78 trains they also have 6 operation logistics box that a specifically designed for the storage management and distribution of different types of goods on to work that they also have 18 greens for tourism transportation of food grains from major food producing States to major consumption States including Punjab Haryana and Madhya Pradesh to Karnataka Tamil Nadu Maharashtra West Bengal and Gujarat. What you call as end2end and logistics planning and execution and thirdly in this entire system even if the vessels come from other ports they have implemented paperless clearance and several efficient processes because of wage the Adani ports have reduce the turn on time of the ships by 12 freaking hours and for those who don’t know turn on time is basically the time that is taken by the ship to arrive unload load and then leave the port after clearance and according old after clearance and according to the website comparison Mundra takes 12 hours lessons as compared to Kandla port in fact in 2019 studies at that every stone on time for mudra port was 0.8 days for other person in India it was around 2.7 days average this is all by getting ready for the market opportunity way before the government post by building the next generation and to and lost system and by building a super efficient system for its clients. Adani has become the indisputable king of the Indian logistics industry and that are the study materials to help you understand the Adani ports and the port ecosystem of India.

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